Creation and Destruction [alfred newsletter] #3

It’s October. The month where everything is beginning to die but it’s still beautiful. The month of harvest. The month of gathering what you need for slower, more concentrated times. 

Destruction can be good. It enables us to recenter and regenerate as it cleanses and creates space.

I’m doing the work now of letting go of projects so I can have more energy for the ones that make it through. I was questioning the purpose of writing this newsletter when last night, I ran into a friend. She said she read the last one and was affected by the book I recommended.

I took that as a sign to keep with this practice even if it’s sharing a few short lines. 


King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Robert Moore. 

This book is about the masculine Jungian archetypes. Masculinity is getting a bad rep these days. I see people going to the other extreme and embracing a whispy over softness. It’s not masculinity we have to worry about, but toxic boyhood - the immature use of masculine energy acting out of fear. This book breaks down down the archetypes and the qualities of mature masculinity.

“...what enables a warrior to reach clarity of thought is living with the awareness of his own imminent death.” 

Had to find a tie on for my death/destruction theme :)


My mindfulness journal version one point 0 is totally done-zo, complete, and in my hands. Thanks to a friend from my last newsletter, I was connected with a business person who is going to help me launch it. I’m going to wait and see what happens here. Expect a mid-month update. I’m very excited to get in your hands!

Sunday tunes to close it off….