Hello Autumn - cycles and contradictory advice [alfred newsletter] #2

Hi Friends,

I woke up this morning and saw a particular shade of orange sunlight on the trees. Dust is settling. The air is getting drier. It feels like the beginning of an end. A big release after the summer sprint.

I’m thinking about cycles and contradictory messages. We often get advice that is opposite.

For example, take the advice: “Just do it,” “Say Yes!!”, “What’s the worst that could happen.”

On the other end: “Be intentional with your time,” “Only do the essential things,” “Do one thing only.”

There are complete books written about each philosophy claiming to be the answer. Both are right and have value. They’re most useful when you know what cycle you want to be in.

Seasons are a great way to pair your cycles of openness and cutting back. Gardens too. Summer is, do as much as you can and let in newness. Summer is overgrowth. Fall is starting to pair things down. To prune back. There are cycles within cycles and some can last years.

I’m feeling a phase of focus coming on so I’m reading the book Essentialism by Greg Mckeown to help push that along.

What cycle are you in? Is it changing right now?

👉🏾 Jams 

On the theme of cycles, this song hits me.

👉🏾 Community 

I had the pleasure of participating as a mentor this August at the StartingBloc institute around leadership and diversity. I highly recommend checking it out if you want to work on professional development with a group of people who care about others. Here is a shot and shout out to my breakout group below.


👉🏾 Upcoming project & ask  

Here is a sneak peek photo of the mindfulness journal I’ve been working on. The name is blurred out so I can have a proper release around it :). Expect a longer post next month.

Ask: I'm on the lookout for collaborators on this project to take on the business, marketing & logistics — someone who has experience running internet-based product brands and wants a new project. I’d also be interested in talking to someone who has a developed platform in the mindfulness space. Send ‘em my way.