I sold my business! [alfred newsletter] #4

Hi Newsletter Friends,

Sorry for the hiatus. I was busy making a deal during the holiday season…. I sold my map company, Landmass!

After 5 years of working on Landmass, sending over 100,000 maps all across the world, I got an enticing offer to sell, and I decided to take it. It seems like it was only yesterday when this was me designing a handful of hats.

It's going to an NBA player who bought the company to grow it by hiring and training minority entrepreneurs in his hometown. I'm excited to see what they do with it and encourage you to visit Landmass for all your map needs!

My favorite experiences running Landmass

1) Spending time with other cartographers at National Geographic and feeling as legit and competent.

2) Giving scholarships to college kids to take their first trip abroad.

3) Employing a stay at home worker for over four years and building her career from customer service to running the entire show as the director of operations

4) Naming an island after one of my favorite authors, Zamyatin, on thousands of maps.

5) Building while creating community with you all, traveling, and connecting. Taking action while trying to stay kind.

6) All the interesting people I got to meet and learn from!

So What's next

  • I have a few side projects and collaborations that I was working in the background that I'll release. (...that mindfulness journal)

  • I'm going to take time to travel, read, take stock of my skills and see where I can serve next. Expect to see me in SF, NYC, Austin & Abroad. 

Thanks for being part of the ride. I’ll send newsletter updates here intermittently with new projects.