Summer Ballooning - [alfred newsletter] #1

spoiler alert: no actual balloons involved

Hi friends,

I realized I've never been on a hot air balloon. I need to make that happen. Until then, use your imagination for a photo. 

This summer has been a season of metaphorical ballooning. Expanding and exploring. I'm giving myself permission to try, and try many new creative things: riso printing, guitar classes, writing, illustration, collaborative community art projects, and more.

👉🏾 Article: The Anchor and The Balloon

I wrote an article about “anchoring and ballooning” which is my way of visualizing expansion and grounding within the context of relationships. Feel free to share thoughts and let me know if you’re interested in more of this kind of thing.

👉🏾 Upcoming Project: Mindfulness Journal

During the upcoming harvest season, I’m excited to release a printed mindfulness journal that I’ve been designing. I worked with several collaborators and because of that it's been one of my slowest moving projects. I’m liking the outcome though. It’s helped me find a sense of fullness and home wherever I am especially while being itinerant. Maybe it will help you too.


👉🏾 Jams:

Masego's Tiny Desk Concert. Musician and PERFORMER. -

👉🏾 Quote:

“Be the person you are becoming.”  -Alfred, 5 days ago.

I made up this quote up as a play on another quote. “Don't give up on the person you are becoming”. I changed it be more about about surrendering to change through that magical verb “being”. I like that idea more than the "hang in there pal" sentiment of the original. Try it on in moments of transition.

👉🏾 Weird tangentially related thing:

On July 2, 1982, a man tied 45 weather balloons to a lawn chair and floated into federal air space. His name is Lawnchair Larry.

👉🏾 Reading:

The New Better Off: Reinventing the American Dream By Courtney E Martin. I'm glad someone is thinking about this. Hooray Courtney! This book is about the directions we can dream in next since we’ve given up the white picket fence thing. It's well researched, practical and thoughtful. Courtney lives in Oakland by way of Brooklyn and I share lots of her sentiments around creativity and community. 

That’s all! Any feedback is welcomed since this newsletter is a new practice for me.